Bathroom Shelving Options

With regards to bathroom storage, you’ve plenty of choices. The selection of shelving depends upon two primary factors: design for your bathrooms, and how big your bathrooms. That stated, regardless of what your look or purpose, or how small or large the area is, you will find a number of options which will work superbly inside your room. Bathroom storage has not been simpler.

Bathroom Shelving Materials

Bathroom shelving includes four primary materials. Most are simple to take care of, and can give a completely different feel towards the room.

Glass – Frosted or obvious glass shelves would be best in contemporary bathrooms, but can also be a beautiful contrast for an ornate bathroom. Glass shelving is generally installed on either two side brackets or hidden wall mounts behind it. Glass shelves are specifically attractive when installed as tier shelves, with the shelves exactly the same size or graduating from large to tiny as they’re going in the wall. Frosted glass is recommended that you want hidden mounts. Glass may be the easiest to wash, but the most vulnerable to cracks. While shopping, search for tempered glass for safety.

Plastic – Plastic shelves are perfect for children’s bathrooms or rarely-used utility rooms. They are low maintenance, but aren’t usually very attractive. Simply because they can fully stand up to numerous abuse, they are ideal for kids who have a tendency to slam cabinets, shove drawers, and cram whenever possible into them.

Metal – Metal shelves are available in two styles – polished and unpolished. Polished steel, chrome, or brass shelves look wonderful in contemporary bathrooms. Unpolished aluminum or steel shelves would be best restricted to utility rooms and laundry room bathrooms where storage is much more important than style.

Wood – Although wood and wicker appear counter-intuitive in moist rooms, today’s treated forest can withstand the humidity from the bathroom. They are available in a number of attractive styles and shades that feel in your own home in almost any style bathroom, from Asian contemporary to Victorian.

Bathroom Shelving Styles

Once you have chosen the shelving material that most closely fits your bathrooms, you can look at the design and style which will perform best.

Open – Glass, wood, or polished metal shelves are attractive choices for open shelving. Open shelving is much more convenient because it’s not necessary to open doorways or drawers to locate what you are searching for. You may also create yet another design aesthetic by putting containers and bottles that are identical color or restricted to a couple of colors in the shops. Non-decorative personal products could be kept in drawers or vanity cabinets for privacy. For really small bathrooms, corner glass shelves provide storage without adding clutter.

Cabinets – Wooden cabinets could be open-faced, have glass doorways, and have wooden doorways. Open-faced cabinets are frequently designed as cubbies where one can store towels or bigger containers. Clear glass door cabinets are often mounted on your wall, but they may also stand on the ground or higher the bathroom .. The number of styles makes them probably the most versatile for promising small to medium-sized bathrooms.

Floor – Floor units are most generally wood, but plastic models are for sale to children. They either look much like a vanity having a flat top, or they may be made with cubbies or baskets. With cubbies, you are able to leave some open and put baskets in other people. There are also floor shelves with hanging baskets already installed. Floor shelving is the best for bigger bathrooms with surfaces, although corner units are great for small bathrooms.

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