Log Home Restoration Contractor – Making the best choice

Most home proprietors request 2-3 estimates to check companies, service and cost when selecting a specialist to revive their log home. Contractors offer various solutions and products for example oil based or water stains, media blasting or power washing, full log or half log substitute. The cost may greatly vary but bear in mind you aren’t always evaluating “apples to apples”. So, where would you begin…

Listed below are some suggestions to consider when reviewing your estimates:

Verify License and Insurance

Check References

Small Company Versus Large Company Based Outdoors of the Area

We’re connected with small and big companies and located it’s not how big the organization or what lengths they travel that determines the caliber of work or even the satisfaction of the house owner in the finish from the job. We encourage you to definitely entertain all of your options and never let how big the organization weigh too heavily in your decision.

-Are estimates from licensed log home professionals with insurance and references?

-Do all estimates include decks, porches, railing, etc.?

-Exist log outbuildings or log garages incorporated?

-Set-up (window covering, electrical, cable wires, etc.) incorporated?

-Cleanup (elimination of debris, media along with other work products) incorporated?

-Are materials incorporated within the estimates (stain, borate, caulk, etc.) incorporated? -Written warranty regarding work as well as your satisfaction?

Log Repair or Substitute

In case your log home requires log home repair or substitute make certain all estimates are calculating the equivalent repair. Many occasions it is not easy to find out just how much decay there’s until they start, but you can aquire a cost of the items the approximate price is per feet. Also, may be the estimate for 1/2 log or full log substitute? When the log is much more than 50% decayed, full log substitute is generally necessary. When the log is decayed under 50%, the decayed area can be taken off and 1/2 log used. Verify the contractor is utilizing the same log species and log profile to fit your existing structure. If you’re getting log repair only, most restoration companies include staining the brand new logs to the very best of remarkable ability, blending the stain to best match the present logs and caulk if required.

Taking out the Existing Finish

There are various means of taking out the existing finish in the logs. Corn cob blasting, chemical stripping along with other blasting media for example glass or walnuts can be utilized. All methods have benefits and drawbacks and therefore are effective when done properly although either method can harm your logs when done incorrectly. Please Be Aware: Many log professionals determine what works well with they and them have experience mastering the process. We encourage you to talk to each company regarding their specific method however, bear in mind they may be very “opinionated and passionate” concerning the method they will use to get rid of the present finish.

Log Wash

When the old finish continues to be removed, verify the logs is going to be gently washed. This removes the dirt, media debris, mold spores, etc.

Log Home Stain

There are lots of quality log home finishes available. Ask the contractor what method is being quoted and investigate particular manufacturer. Make sure the recommended quantity of jackets is going to be applied and therefore are mentioned inside your estimate. If you’re uncertain concerning the color choice, ask if you’re able to receive samples just before staining. If you are planning to stain your log home yourself, it is crucial to carefully stick to the manufacturers specifications and employ the correct method to avoid lap marks or drips.


When selecting a log home contractor, buying a log home finish or figuring out which strategy is best take away the existing finish, don’t forget there are lots of trustworthy log professionals, effective methods and quality finishes available. Take a look at estimate, investigate the methods and merchandise and talk to the log home professionals. You need to feel confident and comfy having a full understanding concerning the information on any project before you make your choice. You share a typical goal together with your contractor… restoring your log home! Most log professionals are enthusiastic about maintaining log homes and are proud of the work they do. They need you to definitely be satisfied, in the end, you’re their next reference!


We don’t recommend restoring your log home yourself. However, we understand you might find the work either expensive or feel confident performing the job by yourself. You might wish to possess a professional perform the more skill oriented tasks for example media blasting, log repair or caulking and many information mill pleased to contract some of the project.

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