All you Need to Know About Engineered Stone

 Man-made stone has come a long way in a few short years and today’s products are simply stunning and offer many benefits over natural stone. If you have yet to view the exciting designs, a Google search is all it takes to find an online supplier of engineered marble and you can see for yourself how much like natural stone the engineered version actually is.


How is Engineered Stone Made?

Engineered stone consists of a composite material of crushed stone that is pressed with a resin, and the makers are highly skilled and have some fantastic designs. They base their designs on natural stone formations and achieve the desired colours with 100% natural pigments, with stunning examples of marble and granite.



Aside from the stunning designs, engineered stone is cheaper than natural stone, which has to be quarried, then transported to the stone mason, whereas engineered stone is made in a special facility. The slabs are larger than you would have with natural stone and that means you can get several made to measure benchtops from a single slab, thus keeping costs down.


Online Solutions

Ordering engineered stone in a specific design has never been easier and with Calacatta marble and many other designs, you can choose the right design to incorporate into your kitchen refit. The product is produced to very high standards and is similar to natural stone in many ways and can be worked easier than natural stone.


Diverse Product

Engineered stone can be used to make the following:

·         Kitchen benchtops

·         Kitchen splashbacks

·         Bathroom vanities

·         Wall panels

If you calculate how much material you need, you can then look at engineered stone slab sizes to determine what you would need.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Engineered stone is an eco-friendly solution, when you consider the processes involved with the mining and transporting of natural stone and engineered stone is made with recycled stone and there is no need to destroy the landscape in order to have quality benchtops.

Made in Pairs

Engineered stone labs are made in pairs, allowing the customer to match up for a big project and all designs are based on natural stone formations, with the swirls and veins you find on natural marble. If you would like to check out some online images, visit a supplier’s website and you can spend a few hours browsing their extensive catalogue.

Engineered stone is every bit as attractive as natural stone, yet there are other reasons to use this man-made material when designing a bathroom or kitchen, as outlined above.

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