Surprising Facts about Bespoke Doors Bedford

Once your visitors enter your compound, the first thing they set their eyes on is your doors. Therefore, your doors create the first impression. This is why you should ensure that they are outstanding. For quality doors, contact Archway Joinery in Bedford. The company boasts of skilled professionals in creating all types of doors, including hardwood and soft doors.  You can even have a door that features a traditional look with modern fittings.

Archway Joinery is a team with years of experience in offering Bespoke doors Bedford. Each home has unique door needs, and therefore, there is no need to go for one size fits all design. The designs offered are personalized to match your individual’s needs. Having doors reinforced with the multi-locking system to enhance security. There are several styles and materials to select from, such as Georgian, Elizabethan, Softwood, period, and hardwood. Let’s look at reasons why you should go for bespoke wood timber doors for your home;

Why go for Bespoke Wood Timber

Bespoke timber doors are not only stylish but are durable as well. Here are all the reasons why they are a perfect option;

Highly functional

Bespoke timber doors are highly functional and will add beauty to your home.  They are strong enough to serve you for years to come without losing their glow. You have to ensure that skilled joiners have installed them. Furthermore, they are a great home addition for homeowners who are looking for energy-efficient doors.


Timber doors have what it takes to stand the test of time. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and constant use without losing their charm. Therefore, they are a great investment for all homeowners.

Enhance home décor

Bespoke timber doors can assume diverse shapes and styles. Also, joiners create them per your specifications. They feature a natural look that can equal none. Note that it’s possible to select a bespoke finish when selecting a bespoke timber door.

Also, if you wish, the door is painted in a color that will complement the exterior part of your home to ‘wow’ your visitors. For home sellers who wish to sell their homes at a higher price, installing bespoke timbers doors is a brilliant idea. This is because you’ll get the attention of potential buyers.

They are excellent insulators

Aside from being elegant and flexible, timber doors are excellent insulators, thanks to their tough nature. They feature a strong single-layered material, making it an incredible insulator. Such doors also scare burglars away. Their insulating factor helps in retaining heat, especially during winter. Also, during summer, these doors keep excess heat out. Therefore, they are great for enhancing a cool home environment.

They are cost-effective

Since bespoke timber woods are highly durable, they’ll save you the cost of having to replace the doors now and then. There initial cost of installation is high compared to other types, but they will last for years and require less maintenance. As a result, they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. According to the experts, these doors have a longevity period of over 60 years provided you maintain them.

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