Continuous Flight Auger Piles: Procedure, Construction, And Applications

The construction flight auger piles are also popularly known as CFA piles or CFA piling. The CFA piles are very useful in providing the economic and completely noise-free method. The method comes with very little vibration to construct the medium and as well as the highly loaded structures as well. These are very useful in the construction field. As, the continuous usage of the efficient methods eliminates all the needs of the fluid and the casings in the cohesive soils.

The method is highly effective and useful for environmentally sensitive sites. The method consists of the construction of the pile to its final depth with the help of the continuous process using the continuous flight auger also known as CFA piling.

The Construction Procedure Of The CFA Piling

As the piles are drilled into the ground till their final depth these are later filled with soil. The filling with the soil is also a continuous process as it is done with a continuous flight auger. The filling of the hole with soil is done for a purpose as it provides the stability to the hole along with the lateral support as well.

Brief Construction Procedure- CFA Piling

Here is the construction process that is mentioned in brief. Let’s have a look at the entire procedure.

During the time of the CFA piling the digging head of the auger is fitted tightly and efficiently with a super expandable cup. Later, the auger is screwed in-depth into the ground to the required depth needed according to the construction requirements. Once the construction of the pile reaches the toe level the concrete mixture is pumped through the hollow stem to fill the entire cavity. Simultaneously the auger is extracted from the CFA piling. Once the filling of the concrete mixture is entirely done, the steel cage and iron are cast in the hole immediately after the extraction of the auger.


The CFA piling, continuous flight auguring method for the deep foundation is used in the USA since 1966. The method has helped to build many large buildings which are taut till date without any sort of damage. As a finished result of the method, the continuous walls of the reinforced concrete are built more easily. This also helps in keeping human labor safe. These are also cost-effective and protect the labor from harmful hazards as well.

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