Why Install Fold Down Beds in Your Bedroom?

Space efficiency is one of the key elements you should take into consideration while designing your bedroom. For instance, maybe the size of the bed is too large for the bedroom or you have a dedicated guest room that is not used most of the time. Installing fold down beds will help to create a very attractive and comfortable space without compromising on the space available. These latest bed designs stay installed in the wall. When required, you can put the bed down and use it. Other times, you can keep the bed folded inside the wall. Mentioned below are a few benefits of installing fold down beds:

01 of 05 More floor space

Taking a queen bed or a king bed is not possible if there is not sufficient space available in the bedroom. In most cases, people consider installing twin beds to accommodate everything in the bedroom design. However, you have better options in hand that will allow you to conserve space and sleep on a larger mattress at the same time. Install fold down beds, also known as wall beds, that will stay folded in the wall when you need more floor space and come down when you need to sleep. During the daytime, the bed allows you to use the valuable floor space in the home decor design when you need more room.

02 of 05 Make it multi-purpose

The best way to plan your home interior design is by ensuring that every square foot in the house has been put to good use. While your game room, home gym, or home office stays the same, you can easily change it into a bedroom by installing a wall bed. The wall bed will stay tucked to one side and the rest of the room can be utilised like the way it was before. Now, you will not require a dedicated guest room to accommodate your guests. Simply, push the furniture aside and pull down the bed from the wall. Your guests will certainly prefer a separate bedroom.

03 of 05 More room for your kids to play

Besides your house guests, your kids can utilise the extra space as well. Installing a fold down bed is a great idea for your kids’ room. A desk bed, to be more precise, is ideal for a child’s room. It turns the room into a multi-purpose place for doing homework and playing at the same time. This multi-purpose furniture turns to a workspace when the child needs to work during the day, and easily converts into a bed when he or she has to sleep. In many desk beds, the desk lowers easily and fits below the mattress, maintaining a horizontal position, so that cleaning the desk is not necessary every time you put down the bed.

04 of 05 They are safe and easy to use

Using wall beds in your home decor design is absolutely safe. These beds are mounted properly by trained and experienced engineers using professional tools to ensure stability. There are no chances of them falling down from the wall. Similarly, their mechanism does not allow them to fold up while you are sleeping on the bed. Also, the beds are very easy to use. Raising or lowering them is just a piece of cake and can be done by almost anyone. These beds feature a spring-balanced design that ensures that the task is very convenient. To hold the bed sheets and blankets in place, bedding straps are available as well. Hence, you do not have to remake your bed every night after lowering the bed. Many latest bed designs feature separate pillow storage compartments to keep everything within a convenient distance.

05 of 05 A comfortable sleep

Many people have this misconception that wall beds are not very comfortable. These latest bed designs are just as comfortable as traditional beds. Good quality wall beds come with thick and premium quality mattresses that are very comfortable. Also, your guests will prefer a fold down bed any day over a sofa or couch.

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