Top Tips for Designing and Outfitting Your Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms are a more common sight nowadays, as we all know how precious space can be. If your bathroom is on the small and compact side and you want to make sure that you utilise every available inch of space, you’re in luck because there are several things you can do to optimise what you have. But what can you do when it comes to designing and outfitting your small bathroom? Here are some top tips.

  • Make use of proper shelving

The proper shelving can make a difference in your small bathroom, and it pays to be creative. Wall shelves are ideal for smaller spaces because you don’t have to use up precious floor space. With wall shelves, your bathroom space will remain organised and uncluttered, and you can have easy access to various items and toiletries when you’re in the bathroom. You can also utilise in-shower shelves, which allows you to store toiletries such as shampoos and conditioners and body washes without them taking up space in your main bathroom area.

  • Consider having a shower enclosure rather than a bath

If you want to utilise your bathroom space, consider having a shower enclosure rather than a bath. A bath would be nice, of course, but let’s face it – you need a shower enclosure more than a bath if you’re simply having a quick wash at the start and end of the day. There is now a huge pre-made shower cabin collection available online, and these shower cabins are even outfitted with some great features that can transform your shower time from mundane to amazing.  Most modular shower cabins also come in varying sizes, so even if you have a small space, you’re certain to find one that can fit. They also have features such as body jets, designer rain showerheads, and thermostatic sensor valves, making for an even better shower experience!

  • Go for smaller bathroom radiators

A radiator is indeed essential for any bathroom. But they can take up a lot of space on your bathroom walls, and this makes it difficult to install shelving or various units against the walls. There is a solution, however: smaller bathroom radiators. Yes, they’re also readily available nowadays, and by choosing a smaller radiator, you can have the heating you need in your bathroom whilst still saving on space.

  • Think of multiple purposes

Whichever items or elements you select, try to see if they can serve double or even multiple purposes. You can, for instance, install a wall cabinet that already has shelves and a built-in mirror, or you can opt for a complete combo unit with toilet, basin, and storage and simply set this up against one wall.

  • Opt for lighter decorative elements

Another thing you can do to maximise bathroom space (and even make your small bathroom appear larger) is to opt for lighter decorative elements. Choose light and bright colours over dark ones, such as white tiles, paint in light or pastel colours, and brighter lighting fixtures as well. Here’s another tip: you can also use mirrors to create a brighter, airier feel for your bathroom. You can, for instance, place mirrors on the walls of your bathroom so the mirrors can reflect both natural and artificial light.

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