DIY Projects for Bedroom Décor

Bedrooms should be well-designed and reflect your style so that you feel comfortable in that space. There are various additions you can make to your bedroom to enliven the setup and give it a new look. However, they do not necessarily have to expensive. Many budget-friendly additions can be made to the bedroom as well, like DIY ideas. DIY projects are a great idea to make use of various items in the house that are not used anymore. Also, they get your creative juices flowing and allow you to experiment with the bedroom decor design. Besides buying furniture and decor items, here are a few DIY additions to your bedroom for an appealing look:

01 of 06 Design the headboard

If your bed has a headboard, you can consider many DIY projects to attract more attention towards it. You can start with giving it a new cover for a fresh look. Use any tool that can help you to peel off the existing cover and add some foam and a new cover. You can work on the wooden surface as well if you do not want anything else. Use different colours to paint the wooden surface. The choice of colours depends on the rest of the bedroom decor design. An easy and common DIY idea is to leave colourful handprints of the family members on the headboard.

02 of 06 Smart storage ideas

Over time, the bedroom gets cluttered and messy owing to the pile of clothes, bags, reading materials, etc. Keeping it organised often gets very difficult, especially when you are coming back home after a long and tiring day. One of the best solutions to ensure that cleaning up the mess becomes easy is to create additional storage space like under the bed storage. Simply, place a few small bags under the bed that you can pull out and in with convenience. You can hang a few ribbons on the side of the bed and tie them to discarded CDs so that the storage area stays out of sight and hidden.

03 of 06 The dresser

In many bedroom decor designs, homeowners place the dresser in the bedroom. If the dresser has a dull look, it will diminish the overall appeal of the home interior design. You can give the dresser a very interesting look by just making a few simple changes. Start with giving a new and attractive paint. You can change the appearance of old furniture pieces completely by adding colours and textures to them. Colourful dressers appear great in a bedroom design with white walls.

04 of 06 The walls

You should never ignore the walls. Dull and blank walls have a huge impact on the bedroom decor design. You can get as creative and experimental as you want when it comes to designing the walls. Add a new paint colour or look for wallpapers that might do the trick. While choosing the colour, make sure it easily blends in with the rest of the home interior design. You can also opt for different painting designs that add more texture to the walls. Add a few lighting fixtures in the setup to highlight the wall design.

05 of 06 Artwork

Hanging artwork in the bedroom is a great idea. However, they do not necessarily have to be artwork you bought from a shop. DIY artworks are an equally great alternative to add more character and vibrance to your bedroom decor design. Also, making artworks at home will be way cheaper when compared to buying one from the market. Make sure to put your artworks in frames before hanging them on the walls. Ice-cream sticks work great for making the frames. You can also try to make decor items. Insert a string of lights in a beer or wine bottle and use it as an ambient light to light up your room.

06 of 06 Rearrange the furniture

Although it is not much of a DIY project, it is certainly one of the best budget-friendly ideas if you want to change the bedroom decor design. Rearrange the furniture and place everything at a convenient distance. Remove all unnecessary items so that the bedroom does not appear messy.

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