6 Helpful Tips to Clean Up and Repair Broken Window Glass

Broken window glass is a hazardous situation, and the clean-up is not the easiest to go through. In case you are having such a dilemma, here are six helpful tips that you should follow:

1. Call a glass repair service

A local home window repair company can help people replace the broken window that someone might have at home. When there’s a broken window, the window must have a replacement as soon as possible.

Leaving it overnight will make the house vulnerable to the elements, and even insects and water can get inside the house.

If there is an instance of a broken window, the best thing to do before cleaning it is to immediately call the glass repair service. That way, you avoid having pests in your house.

They will be more efficient and effective in replacing the windows than if someone DIY’d the window replacement.

2. Assess the mess

After calling the window repair service, it’s time to address the mess that’s left.

The first thing to look at will be the rest of the window if some are still attached to the window pane. There needs to be a bag or secure drop cloth attached so that any glass that may drop will have something catching it.

Tap the leftover glass on the windowpane with the handle of a hammer or something long, so no one has to come close to the glass.

3. Secure the area

Before cleaning the area, it’s best to keep everyone away from the scene of the crime. That way, no one else, if any, will get any injuries from the broken glass that is on the floor.

Notify everyone in the house that there is a broken window so no one will suddenly come into the area without knowing and end up stepping on broken glass.

If there was anyone when the window broke, check them for any scratches and shrapnels. Get rid of those first so that they won’t incur more injuries after leaving the area.

4. Protect yourself from sharp edges

A person can never have an overabundance of being careful when cleaning up broken glass. Whoever is cleaning the broken glass ideally should be wearing rubber gloves or protection of some sort to clean up the broken glass.

Some people use a potato or a slice of bread to pick up the broken glass without touching it. A towel that’s folded and soaked in water can also be a good idea to clean the glass.

When using a towel, though, it must be thick enough to ensure that it won’t pierce through. This is also something we tell our clients at Maid Sailors Home Cleaning Services NYC.

5. Secure the window

If there is no way for the window repair company to fix the window, the next step would be to secure the window.

Some people use a sheet of plywood to secure the windows more safely. However, not everyone has plywood around. Instead of plywood, a heavy tarp can also work well in securing the window.

It would be ideal to have the window repaired as soon as possible because the solution here is temporary.

6. Clean up the broken glass

Now it’s time to clean up the broken glass.

First, pick up the more giant shards that you can easily pick up. Don’t forget to wear gloves. After that, start sweeping the floors for the rest of the fragments. Don’t use a vacuum.

There are also smaller pieces that you won’t be able to sweep or pick up. What you can do is use a slice of potato or even duct tape to get these broken glass pieces that are harder to pick up and see.

When cleaning after a broken window glass, the key is to reduce the potential injuries and damages. When you follow the tips listed above, you can clean up and have your window replaced in no time.

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