How Often Should AC Systems Be Serviced?

One of the more expensive systems in a house is the central air conditioning. Homeowners should know that maintaining HVAC equipment is essential for keeping it running as efficiently as possible. Ideally, a HVAC technician should come to your home once every spring for AC system maintenance. Doing so helps you find problems when they’re still small and easier – and less expensive – to take care of. You’ll find that arranging for regular service will reduce the total cost of owning an air conditioner.

What Happens During an AC Service Call?

When an HVAC maintenance professional arrives at your home, the first order of business is to inspect the equipment thoroughly. The technician will look for signs of components that may be about to fail, frayed wires to replace, and whether the coil is covered in dirt and dust.

HVAC system service calls include:

  • Completely inspect the system
  • Clean debris from the components, including the coils
  • Inspect the condenser
  • Verify that the thermostat is functioning correctly
  • Check refrigerant level and top off as needed
  • Change the air filter

Why Do I Need to Service the AC System Every Year?

HVAC repair professionals will tell you that it’s best to have a technician thoroughly check your system annually because it reduces the likelihood it will fail suddenly, just when you need it most.

The warranty from your AC’s manufacturer may require annual service calls, so that alone should be an incentive for you to take care of this task.

But keep in mind that service calls also keep your air conditioner clean, which helps it to work at full capacity. A system with dirt and debris has to work harder to keep the home cool. That puts more strain on components, which can lead to premature breakdowns. It costs less to fix a small problem early on compared to a major equipment issue that requires replacement.

Book an Appointment for HVAC System Service

According to Angi (formerly Angie’s List), the best time to call a HVAC professional near you is earlier in the year when temperatures outside are still comfortable, sometime in the spring. Don’t wait until the summer to have your ac serviced. That’s when many homeowners will be turning on the system for the first time, only to find it’s broken and in need of repairs.

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