4 Easy Ways to Infuse Color into Your Home

People gravitate to neutral colors because of the tranquil and calming effect.  That’s true for what your wear and how you decorate your home. Interest is added through the use of different textures and fabrics.  But a new multicolor trend is emerging and that means that people want to experiment with colors that are bold and make them happy.  There’s a positive energy that comes with colors of the rainbow with a meaning that is interpreted as a symbol of hope, solidarity, and appreciation.

In our homes people are choosing colors that feel ultra-fun.  This trend is not necessarily focused on rainbows but embracing a spectrum of shades that make us feel content and joyous.  Not everyone wants to embrace this trend from wall-to-wall, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

A Passion for Pastels

Vacation vibes are in play in a major way and you can use images of sunsets to strike your mood.  Pastels signal a sunnier and optimistic outlook that we crave right now.  Pastels are not just for spring but can be embraced throughout our home in small doses like a rug, throw pillow, new sheets, or towels. Remember, it’s about experimenting and keeping what makes you feel a sense of happiness.

Pick Colors that Make you Happy

As we just mentioned, pick colors that bring out a sense of joy! Imagine what your space would look like with more pinks, greens, and blues. We believe that bold hues are exciting and energetic and should be used in a workspace that often brings stress and needs to have its energy changed.  If you’re feeling uncomfortable about embracing something edgy, do not be.  It’s okay to make mistakes.  Just know that those mistakes will help you to grow and define your space. A good way to start is with your desk. Select a custom desk pad with an image that you love and that has a color that coordinates with the rest of your room. We love the custom selection from Love Desk Mats.

Go Green Indoors

Truly there is a green for everyone and the best way to love this color is with a few house plants and even wearing a shade that suits your personal style. The more time we spend outdoors, the greater our need to bring it inside and keep it close.  A shade of green exists for everyone and you just have to be brave and find it!

Always an Occasion for Orange

Orange hues are signs of nature from a stunning sunrise to a breathtaking sunset, picture perfect flowers, and sweet ripe tropical fruits.  Doesn’t it make you feel great already? Because the warm shade brings on a tropical mood, it is the one that we love the most.  If that’s too calm for you, try neon orange! It’s a way to bring out feelings nostalgia from the 1980’s.

Whatever your mood or favorite color combination, be sure to infuse a bit of it in your home. From updating your workspace to a splash of color in your bedroom, pick a color and go for it!

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