4 Occasions That Call For a Custom Made Plaque Dallas

Commemorative plaques can be used to recognize all sorts of special occasions. While many  people associate them with winning some type of award, there are a number of other events that would be ideal for the creation of a custom made plaque Dallas. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

Commemorating the Settling of a Mortgage

After years of making payments on a mortgage, you finally made the last one. That means it’s time to hold a party. While parties built around burning the mortgage once the debt is paid in full are less common today, they can still be a lot of fun. You can add to the fun by having a plaque created for the occasion.

The plaque can include the date that the mortgage was paid in full. You can include etched images of the papers being thrown into an open flame, a quote of your choosing, or any other element that you like. The goal is to have something to hang on the wall or place on a shelf so there’s a tangible reminder that all your efforts finally paid off.

Celebrating a Milestone Anniversary at Work

In decades past, many people went to work for one employer and remained their for most of their working lives. That’s not always the case these days. Since people are more likely to change employers several times over the years, it’s all the more important to recognize employees who remain with the company for longer periods.

When an employee is about to reach the ten or twenty-year anniversary of a start date, throwing a party is a wonderful idea. Along with that, consider ordering a plaque that commemorates the years that the employee has remained around. This provides an expression of appreciation that remains around long after the food from the buffet table has been digested.

Something Special for a Retirement Party

If an employee has been around for decades and decides to retire, the contributions made are worthy of recognition. Hold a retirement party and ensure the guest of honor has no doubt that those years were appreciated.

Along with retirement benefits and the recognition among his or her peers, do order a custom made plaque Dallas that includes the years of employment, the name of the employee, and some type of sentiment that expresses how much the hard work has meant to the business. You can bet that the plaque will be something the retired employee will look at and appreciate for a long time.

In Remembrance of a Beloved Pet

Pets have a way of getting into our hearts and staying there long after they pass away. Even with all the memories, it’s nice to have some sort of plaque that stands as a testament to how much the animal meant to the owner. A plaque to that effect is one way to achieve the desired result.

A metal plague can be etched or engraved with the pet’s name, birth and death dates, and include an image as well. There may even be some special quote or saying that the owner associated with the pet; it can be included as well. The result is something that can remain in the family and cherished by one of the kids as they become adults.

These are only some of the events that call for creating a custom plaque. If you have any type of occasion or event coming up, consider how this could be that little something extra that you want to include. You can bet that a local provider will be happy to work with you to come up with the ideal design.

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