Décor ideas for pet friendly apartments

Putting together a good-looking design for interior decorations can be very difficult when trying also make it a pet friendly apartment. To this end, we have put together a list of tips for making your apartment look good while still being safe for your pets.

Floors and rugs

If your apartment has hardwood floors, then you are good. Skipping on a rug might be a good idea, as cloth absorbs all sorts of things: bacteria, smells, spills and so on. All of this is easily avoided by keeping the smooth, hard surfaces. If your pets happen to make a mess on the hardwood floors, then at the very least it will be easy to clean up. However, if your flooring is wall to wall carpeting, you should consider putting in a rug. Because rugs absorb most of a spill or smell, they will protect the carpet beneath. Rugs are also a great way to introduce some color into your apartment.

Decorate upwards

A key component in making a pet friendly apartment is decorating upwards. Meaning, use your wall space as much as possible. Aesthetically speaking, tables and bookshelves are always a good choice, but for a home with a pet they run the risk of your pets running into them and knocking valuables down to the ground, damaging them. Instead consider using floating shelves and hanging your picture frames. When it comes to valuable decorations, the only safe place to display them is out of reach of your pets.

Decorating your walls looks nice while staying safely away from your pets!

Pick out your fabrics

When choosing new furniture for your apartment, it is important to keep in mind what kind of fabrics you will be putting into your home. For example, velvet and silk are horrible choices for pet owners, as those materials will attract your pet’s fur and generally just be a nightmare to maintain, especially during shedding season. In order to make a pet friendly apartment, consider getting furniture with leather on it. Whether it is real or faux, a leather couch is a lot easier to clean and still makes for a very modern interior design.

Make a dedicated play area

If you have enough space in your apartment to create a play area for your pets, do it. Whether it is something as simple as a spot in the living room to put all of your dog’s favorite chew toys, or your cat’s scratching pole or, if you are lucky enough to have space for it, an entire room dedicated only to having a space for your pets to play. Whatever you decide to do, confining your pet’s play area is a great way to avoid them making a mess somewhere else in your apartment.

tabby kittens playing

A dedicated play area helps avoid unnecessary messes.

Coordinate your colors

Food bowls, chew toys and beds for your pets can make for quite an eyesore if they stand out against the rest of your apartment. So, try to find some items which blend in with the rest of the apartment. You could even consider making some on your own if you can’t find any for sale. Either way, having items which don’t clash with the rest of your interior design is a great way to maintain a complete look while keeping a pet friendly apartment.

Moving into an apartment with pets

If you are considering moving into a new apartment with your pets, and are in the middle of planning a new interior design, remember: your pets might have a hard time adjusting to the new environment. However, if you keep a feeling of familiarity in your design, your pets might have an easier time adjusting to the new apartment. Of course, the moving process itself can have an effect on how quickly your pets adjust as well, so it is always best to find some who can handle the task like a pro, and be prepared for what comes during the adjustment period itself.

Moving with pets can be difficult, but the right preparations make it easy.

Invest in two vacuums

When living with pets, it is a good idea to have two vacuums: one large vacuum, and a smaller hand held one. The larger vacuum to help with deep cleaning your apartment, and the smaller one for vacuuming fur during the week. Remember, there are periods when your pets will shed a lot. For those times, it is good to get into the habit of cleaning up the floor your pets leave behind in order to keep your apartment looking good.

Invest in chew proof furniture

If you are a dog person, it is important to keep in mind that every dog will go through a chewing phase in its life. As such, buying furniture with metal legs or framing is a much better choice that opting for wooden furniture. While wooden furniture might usually look better, metal frames furniture can still achieve a sleek look while being completely safe from your dog’s chewing. It pays to mention, however, that metal furniture might take some extra packing steps should you decide to move. Experts from TB Moving and Storage NYC warn that metal furniture should be carefully packed so as to not damage anything else during a move.

Avoid dark colors

Most people believe that dark fabrics and rugs mask spills and stains, they can often actually highlight certain stains, and generally wear down the aesthetic of a room. Instead of trying to mask potential stains and spills with dark colors, opt for a multi colored pattern rug. The color and pattern will help cover any stains you might not be able to get out, while also adding some light and life to your space. It is also worth mentioning that gray is a great choice for preventing the room from feeling too light, while also hiding stains.


Balancing your pet’s needs and aesthetic can be difficult, but all in all the interior design choices you end up going with can make for an interesting combination which ends up being more eye-catching than your usually home. Either way, we hope this list of tips helped you make a pet friendly apartment, while also giving you ideas for a nice aesthetic.  For more information please visit –  apartments for rent in San Francisco

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