What Is The Meaning Of Crystals According To Their Colors?

The stones (or crystals), in addition to being very visually beautiful, are responsible for balancing, unlocking, and releasing our body’s energies. The fact is that there are MANY types, names and it’s hard to know the meaning of each of the crystals, right?

One way out is to start understanding them through the colors; after all, they tell us a lot about each stone’s type of energy and connection. And that’s why we made this list with an overview of the meaning of crystals according to each color and hue.


Transparent stones are great for beginners; after all, due to the lack of color, they radiate white light that contains the spectrum of all other colors. It has different properties, but the main ones are cleaning, sensitivity, and obtaining energy. One widely used to be transparent quartz, which is considered one of the oldest crystals of all.


Peace and tranquility are what the white stones bring. Within the meaning of crystals, white ones have a problem-solving aspect and bring inspiration to deal with everything more calmly. Also very well represented by white quartz.


The pink color is directly related to emotional issues, the heart, and love. It acts as a cure for negative emotions and also strengthens self-love. The rose quartz is an excellent stone with these properties.

Light Blue

The lighter shade of bluish stones is excellent for calming and connecting with our true essence. After all, they bring security, awareness, and understanding thoughtfully. Angelite, blue quartz, blue calcite, and kyanite are good examples.

Indigo Blue

On the other hand, the bluestones in the indigo shade, darker, open our mind to intuitions, spiritual gifts, and new things. Good stones are blue turquoise, blue sapphire, tourmaline, and others.


The yellow stones connect with solar energy; therefore, they are linked to disposition, enthusiasm, and joy. It also has excellent focus potentials if you use energy in a concentrated way. Citrine is an example of a yellow stone.


Oranges are very similar to yellows, but they have more strength and energy for inspiration, act as stimulants, and help decision-making. The orange calcite can be used for these purposes.


If the needs are for the health of the physical body, green stones are fantastic. It has many energies cleansing and healing properties for the body as a whole. You can use green or jade quartz in this case.


Purple stones at Stone Center located at 4820 Stafford St, Cincinnati OH generally have good spiritual energizing properties, bringing a lot of calm and protection from negative energies – a characteristic of darker stones. The amethyst is a good crystal that color, ranging from lighter shades such as lilac and purple to darker.


Red is the color of blood, so stones in that color help to connect with the body and the sensual nature. They are excellent for grounding the body and carrying out actions. The Red Jasper is one that also has links with sexuality.


The absence of light from the black stones is what gives the energy absorption capacity. So, they are excellent alternatives when we need to have control and power over situations. The black tourmaline is one of the most used, and it is essential always to remember to clean the energy of these stones.


Finally, the brownstones help us understand life and accept situations—aligning energies and chakras. The brown agate is one of those crystals and is considered the stone of fullness.

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