Who doesn’t love jewellery? Everyone does, especially females. There is always a special occasion to buy crystal jewellery, or you can gift it to your loved and dear ones. There is one hindrance, buying jewellery is easy but maintaining it is not an easy task, be it gold, silver or clear crystal. So the next question pops in, how to take care of the fine crystal pieces you have? Or, to be precise, how to maintain the clear crystal jewellery which looks gorgeous with your fancy attires? Let’s get to easy and quick solutions and some pre options to save them from going dark.

What is crystal jewellery?

The word crystal comes from the Greek word krystallos, meaning a place where everything is sparkling clean, including the gems produced there. It is said to be a place made with crystals and ice, and the sun cannot melt it, hence the name crystals. So basically, a piece of naturally occurring gems found in nature in various shapes, sizes and colours are called crystals.

Is it safe to wear crystal jewellery?

Technically, all naturally occurring gems are made of gases, but they occur in solid form. So if you do not fear lead oxide touching your skin, there is no fear in wearing crystal jewellery. It is termed that the quantity of lead determines the quality of the gem, so higher lead means better and bigger crystal beads.

How to maintain crystal jewellery?

People do a lot of maintaining their hair, skin and nails. So why not do something for jewellery? If you maintain clean crystal jewellery, then it will surely last longer than anticipated. Here are some of the tips which will tell you how to do just that.

  1. Dust-free:

Always keep your crystal free of dust particles. Dust can rust even the most precious and hard things in metal to rust the crystals. It is better to keep all your clean crystal jewellery in a nice plastic wrap. Gently fold the sides and corners of the plastic wrap and stack the pieces on top of each other.  This process will stop dust particles from entering and settling on the crystal jewellery you have. Furthermore, you can use baby wipes for this process.

  1. Grab a toothpaste:

Another way to maintain and clean crystal is to use toothpaste, but not the mint brand. You can take a dot of toothpaste on an extra toothbrush and clean the crystal beads. Rub very gently; else, you can get rubbing marks on the delicate pieces. When you are done cleaning, wash away with warm water.

  1. Use detergent:

You can use soft baby clothes detergent to clean crystals. Fill a bucket with water, drop a few drops of detergent, and mix well. Then dip your crystal jewellery in it and leave for a few minutes. Use an extra toothbrush to clean the stains and dust particles and wash away with warm water, later with cold water.

  1. tissues:

The best way to store the elegant clear crystals is to keep them wrapped in tissue paper. Be sure that the tissues are alcohol and aroma free. This way, no dust particles or stains can harm the crystal jewellery. Furthermore, it will increase the shelf life, and the gemstones will stay as it is far longer.

  1. Stacking style:

Another great way to maintain the delicacy is to keep them in a box. There are special jewellery boxes available to store the expensive beads you own. Also, you can DIY a box best suited to your needs and storage space. Make sure if they are stacked, then they are not rubbing against each other.

Are crystals worth maintaining?

Why not? It is essential to maintain each piece of clear crystal jewellery you own. It will last longer and be worth the praise. Additionally, this act will have loads of money which you can use to buy new crystal jewellery or use it somewhere else. Furthermore, the old pieces are better, so why not maintain and become the limelight of every occasion.


Maintaining everything in life will give you positive results. The same happens with the jewellery you own. Crystal jewellery is in trend always, and the better pieces will enhance your persona. Maintain the clear crystals you own, and each stone will develop your personality differently. Many stones bring life out like ruby and atheist, so don’t leave them stained. Save the exquisite pieces, and you will see the difference when you wear them from time to time.

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