Sticky notes – key item for better household management

Have you ever wondered, why you keep forgetting things, the missing garbage bags are bought during your third shopping trip, why do you keep being late for meetings, and you forget about your aunt’s name day? It’s all about organization skills.

Sticky notes will make your everyday life better

Using sticky notes will help you organize your everyday life. The notes look nice, don’t need a lot of space, can be placed literally anywhere you need it and, most importantly, will help you remember about important stuff.

Below, we’ve enlisted some ideas to use the post it notes in your everyday life. Some of the will help you organize better and some – keep you motivated. We even enlisted ideas that will help you keep your things in a good condition!

Leave messages

You don’t always meet your family members in the morning, but there are some things you want or need to tell them? Don’t worry! Get a stick note (you can even pick one in your family member’s favourite colour!) and write down everything you need. Then, place the note somewhere they can find it: on a breakfast box, coffee mug, toaster, fridge or coffee machine – wherever you think they will look in the morning. This way you can pass some important information, but also just simply tell them you love them.

Do a shopping list

If you tend to forget what you have to buy, just prepare a shopping list back at home. Take your time: even if you spend a couple of minutes (or longer) preparing the list – this time will come back to you, as you won’t have to go to the shop again. Check out the fridge, think about the meals you want to prepare in the upcoming days, don’t forget to check the household chemicals cabinet and your cosmetics. This way you will remember about everything!

Write down needed things

You don’t plan to go shopping today or tomorrow, but you just ran out of rinse aid, milk, butter or any spice liked by the household members? Use post it sticky notes and write it down: this way you will remember to put the missing things on the shopping list!

Note down meeting details

A dentist appointment, meeting at child’s school, business trip or simple family members meeting – it’s really easy to forget the day and time. In a whirlwind of everyday chores, if you’ve set a date a couple of weeks prior to the event, you can be almost sure, that you will forget – either about the meeting itself or about the timeframe. When you will write all the details down on a post it note and place it somewhere you can see it (i.e. on the fridge) – you will remember about the meeting!

Don’t ruin books!

You’re reading a book and your bookmark is nowhere to be seen? Don’t fold pages of the book! We know it’s almost impossible to remember the page number, but folding the pages destroys your book. Instead, use post it notes and place them on a chosen page: we can assure you, that the glue is gentle enough and there will be no trace of it after removal.

Great for learning

The post it sticky notes are also a great way to write down the most important things while learning. You can also use them as bookmarks with a short info about the contents of the book’s page.




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