5 Tips for Eavestrough Maintenance

Owning a home is a costly investment; hence, every property owner must strive to ensure that their property is protected. One of the ways to protect your property is installing a good eavestrough that allows water to move away from its roof and foundation. However, installing eavestroughs is not enough; there is a need to maintain them to prevent water from damaging your property.

Given this, this article will shed more light on 5 tips for eavestrough maintenance.

1. Ensure regular inspection of the eavestroughs

Most homeowners don’t check their eavestroughs for several months. Unfortunately, this can allow leaves, tree branches, tree roots, foreign objects, and other debris to block the eavestroughs. If blocked, the eavestroughs will not be able to perform their functions and, as such, may destroy the foundation of your home.

Therefore, it is a must to inspect your eavestroughs from time to time. This will assist you to extend the lifespan of the eavestroughs and protect your property.

2. Re-attach the eavestrough to its fascia

Normally, the eavestroughs should be always attached to the fascia. But sometimes, they may be pulled away or detached from the fascia after using them for a long period. In this situation, it is paramount to reattach the eavestroughs to the fascia with the aid of power tools.

By reattaching the eavestroughs to the fascia, they will have enough strength to send water away from your foundation into the downspouts.

3. Close all holes

Lots of factors could cause cracks and holes in your eavestroughs. If left unattended, these holes and cracks can allow water to sip into your foundation and, resultantly, compromise the structural integrity of your home. To prevent this problem, make sure all holes and cracks are closed instantly.

To close the holes and cracks, you must utilize sealants. Notably, you need to choose sealants that are particular made for closing cracks and holes in eavestroughs. The attendants in the local home improvement store can help you to choose the right sealants.

4. Make sure all dislodged sections are reconnected

If your eavestroughs are sectional, they may disconnect after using them for some periods. In fact, the sections may even collapse or fall off. To deal with this, you shouldn’t hesitate to reconnect all dislodged sections.

5. Be careful when walking on the roof

When cleaning your eavestroughs, it is often important to walk on the roof. Unluckily, lots of accidents usually occur as people fall off a ladder, especially when walking on a sloped roof. You should walk gently on the roof and avoid some highly susceptible areas. Similarly, you should consider your agility before handling your eavestrough maintenance.

While eavestrough maintenance may sound like an easy task, there are tons of challenges involved in it. So, if you feel you cannot maintain your eavestroughs yourself, you should not hesitate to hire a professional to handle it. The eavestrough professional will help you to maintain the eavestroughs and also repair any areas with issues.

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