How do you diagnose air conditioning problems?

You might be the proud owner of a new air conditioner. If so, then it is quite obvious for you to have questions concerning air conditioner repair. It is important to keep the unit in good working condition especially before the harsh summer approaches. Proper maintenance combined with preemptive troubleshooting will ensure your family gets cool air throughout summer.

Some common AC problems to know about

Thermostat glitches:

It might be that the thermostat is incorrectly calibrated or not working. It means you will not be able to know if your AC is turned on or not. It might be that the system fails to start even after setting the thermostat to the lowest possible temperature setting. If so, then call the air conditioner repair professional to get it fixed. Perhaps it is time to replace or recalibrate the thermostat.

AC simply not turning on:

On turning on the unit, you might not feel or hear anything. Lack of power might be due to tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. Replace the damaged fuse or reset the breaker. Failure to turn on could also be due to thermostat problems, loose or broken wiring.

Condenser heating up:

The condenser discharges removed heat from air by expelling it outside the building. Being part of the outdoor unit, the condenser coil might accumulate assorted pollutants, soot and dirt, thus becoming grimy. Dirty coils will only interfere with heat transfer, thus making it tough for the unit to function properly. This will only boost wear & tear of the system. If your AC unit heats up fast, then call the air conditioner repair specialist without any delay.

Drainage difficulties:

Moisture removed by the AC is released into the pan through the drain line. But if pan overflows due to a clogged drain, then water is likely to back up, thereby damaging the unit. Water leaks will only damage your belongings and building. When diagnosing the issue, do remember to check the drainages lines.

Noisy system:

There is a fan designed inside the unit. Its function is to blow indoor air over the evaporator coil for cooling air. The condenser coil fan blows air over condenser. Its function is to expel heat outside the building. Excessive noise coming from the unit perhaps is caused by the fan motors. It could have accumulated debris, dirt, deteriorating bearings or worn belts. In case you detect noise while troubleshooting the unit, it will be a good idea to shut the unit off completely. It is the work of a trained air conditioner repair professional to fix the noise.

Getting to know the common causes for AC failure will allow your family to beat the heat.

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