Which is the Right Home Warranty Plan for Me

Today, both new and older homes contain a diverse range of appliances and systems. Each device will need maintenance and occasional repair. Without insurance coverage, the cost to get these items repaired or replaced can range from hundreds to thousands. Even just one item breaking down can really impact one’s budget. Having a home warranty with the best warranty coverage that meets your specific homeowner needs is the perfect way to protect yourself from unexpected breakdown caused by normal wear and tear as well as mechanical issues.

 A home warranty plan that provides flexible coverage can offer the kind of appliance and system protection needed. There are warranty companies offering different types of plans but not all these companies are equal. Therefore, you need to be very selective and think about your coverage needs. Choose a trustworthy option from the best company that can fulfil your home warranty coverage requirements.

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a protection plan purchased and renewed every year or one pays a premium to maintain. Some have expiry dates and some do not. The warranty helps homeowners manage unexpected repair or replacement costs. The homeowner pays a deductible at the time of service which may be applied toward the cost of the covered repair or replacement. This deductible is calculated by the particular plan the homeowner selects.

The Right Home Warranty Plan

Below you will find a list of what to look for when seeking the best home warranty coverage for you:

Review Multiple Warranty Companies

It’s important to look at a few companies and their plans to determine what plan and company are best for you in terms of coverage and price. Consider the company’s reputation, track record, and what they offer regarding policies. A good way to look at is to find a reputable company that meets and exceeds your needs.

Home Warranty Provider Plan Options

Because every homeowner has unique needs, a reputable company’s plans should reflect a range of options. Take a look to see if the plans can be customized to fit individual needs. Flexibility is important.

A basic home warranty plan helps cover the repair or replacement of parts for major appliances, such as:

Central Air Conditioning

Central Home Heating

Interior Electrical System

Refrigerator and Icemaker

Range/ Oven/ Cooktop


Built-In Microwave

Water Heater

Plumbing System

Garbage Disposal

Washer and Dryer

Garage Door Opener

And more!

A reputable home warranty company will offer home warranty bundles, extended warranties on individual appliances and systems, and an electronics warranty package. They will also enable customers to build their own that meets their needs. A reputable provider will seek to accommodate individual needs. Leading providers are transparent regarding their plan options, add-ons, and optional coverage. When reviewing plan options, look at covered home appliances, covered home systems, deductibles, home inspection requirements, and pricing. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

Does the home warranty company have an established network of service and repair providers?

It can be a challenge to find a trusted local service provider on your own. The home warranty company you choose should have top service professionals in your area. To ensure they’ll meet all your needs, the company should hold the repair and maintenance providers to high standards.

Does the warranty company have a workmanship guarantee?

 A workmanship guarantee  ensures that if the same problem persists with a breakdown of a covered item, the warranty company will take care of it at no extra cost.

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