5 obvious signs you need to buy a new front door

Are you currently struggling to open or close your front door? This could be an obvious sign that you need a door replacement.

Your external door for your home is very important as it secures you and your family, adds to the value of your home, and regulates the temperature within your home.

Here is a list of signs you shouldn’t ignore and decide to immediately buy a new front door as you observe them.

  1. Loosened Hinges. Many persons opt to spraying WD-40 on door hinges at the first sound of squeaks or stiffness. The truth is loose hinges and squeaking could be a sign of the need for a new front door. Doors that don’t have firm and secure hinges can be easily broken down and leave you exposed to burglaries. It might just be time to admit that you need to buy a new front door.
  2. Chills. Do you feel cool air escaping from the corners or under the door that leaves you chilled? Draft stoppers are a good option but buying a new entry door is also an option. When an entry door becomes aged it can result in deteriorated seals and multiple small cracks that cool air peep through. A new entry door will fit snug and ensure that you don’t need to keep adjusting the thermostat from time to time.
  3. Withered Paint. Once your entry door starts cracking and peeling this is a clear sign of wear and tear and the need to buy a new entry door. Its wise to possibly change your new entry door to one that is waterproof.
  4. Fighting to Open and Close. Once you start experiencing difficulty to open and close your entry door this an issue. It could mean that your door is exposed to moisture that has caused the doors to start swelling amongst many other reasons. Regardless of the reason it is time to buy a new entry door.
  5. Mold. When you start noticing mold spots even after wiping them it might be time to consider if your door is being exposed to moisture that will soon lead to rotting and total deterioration of your entry door.

Final Thoughts

When you need to a buy a new entry door the signs can be quite obvious even though many times we try to ignore them or temporarily remedy the issue.

However, buying a new entry door will allow you to feel more secure in your home and be quite welcoming every time you come home.

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