Engaging Plumber Service Singapore Professionals For Ceiling Leaks

Wet spots appear on drywall ceilings when water has leaked via the material and remained there for some time. If the place is on the first floor of your home, it can mean that there is a leak in an upstairs home appliance or a pipeline that is running through that area of the residence. If it is on the 2nd floor of your house, the most likely offender is a dripping roofing system. In which case, it is paramount that you engage the expertise of a plumber service Singapore company to look into your pipes and roof to find the exact source of the leak. From there, they can clear any water that has entered and restore the protection.


Sometimes one of the most typical signs of ceiling or roofing system water damages is watermarks or brownish “corroded” stains on the walls, ceilings and/or attic room. It can be an indicator of a prior or existing leak, so you ought to constantly have them had a look at if they show up within your residence.

Typical Origins of a Leaking Ceiling

If you have actually discovered that your ceiling is leaking, you might be detested to discover the cause, thinking that it will certainly be a mostly costly repair service. Identifying the root of a ceiling leak resembles putting together a challenge. You could assume it’s easy enough, but where the water enters your home might not be the source of the leak.

Dripping Roofing

Water can get beneath roofing system flashing, in between roof shingles or busted house siding, causing water coming into the residence all of a sudden. Take notice of the leakage– does it only present itself in stormy weather and afterwards dry up when the weather clears? Maybe that the roof covering is leaking.


If you notice drip marks or beads on your ceiling, maybe precipitation within the home. Daily tasks can cause the moisture level to increase, causing precipitation, from cooking to bathing to drying garments. Inadequate ventilation or insulation can catch dampness in a room, causing water damages.

Weakened Waterproofing System

If your seepage or leak happens really slowly, with the speed of trickling around every 3 seconds interval, maybe due to a cracked waterproofing solution above. Other common symptoms consist of multiple areas of leaking along with an occasional leak.

Is a wet ceiling dangerous?

Wet ceilings indicate the presence of excessive moisture in your house. It will end up being a breeding place for mold. Black mold can start to grow very rapidly if your ceiling continues to be wet constantly. It can then spread out across the structure of your house, which can bring about severe wellness issues.

The second step is to assess the damage that has already been done to your house. If you utilize your attic room space for storage space, examine what was below the leakage to see if any type of water damage has actually occurred to whatever is kept there. It is necessary to completely dry things as soon as possible to stop additional damages and mold and mildew.

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