Brighten and Maintain Your Home Exterior

If it has been over a year since the exterior and surrounding area of your home was cleaned and inspected, it might be time for a health and wellness check. While curb appeal is an important element in owning a home, regular maintenance provides for a safe and clean environment, potentially saving you from costly repairs in the future.

If you are looking for a quick and effective way to clean the outside of your structure, consider a thorough facade washing. Pressure washing your house will not only brighten the building, but will also eliminate any dirt, pollution, and mold accumulated on the boards or siding. However, don’t stop there! Broaden your home cleaning horizon and wash your deck, fence, driveway, sidewalks, and gutters too.

Building Facade

Before washing the exterior of your home, remove any encroaching plants, vines, and tree branches that might be growing on or rubbing against the building. It is also a good idea to move potted plants farther away from the house to keep them from being damaged by the spray. After everything is removed from around the building, most of the facade can be safely cleaned. However, doors and windows should be washed by hand with a gentle cleanser to prevent damage to paint, glass, and sealants.

Deck and Patio

The deck is often a continuation of the house for many homeowners and is a vital connection point for family members. Many times it is used for grilling and as an outdoor dining space where families connect to eat, lounge, and make memories. Because the deck is exposed to the elements, especially if it is not an enclosed area, a yearly cleaning with a pressure washer before staining and sealing is a good idea.

Yard Enclosure

The fence around your yard could also benefit from a good cleaning. Fencing, similar to buildings, is prone to having vegetation and debris positioned close, if not against, the enclosure. Make sure to remove obstacles by cutting away plants and shrubs before power washing. As with the facade and deck, your fence is vulnerable to damage from changing weather conditions and moisture damage. Periodically staining and sealing it after washing is a proactive way to ensure it stands solid for many years.

Driveway and Sidewalks

The law of gravity ensures that the ground will become a catch-all for anything to do with the weather. Driveways are no exception to the rule and have the added potential of collecting oil, tire marks, and other vehicle-related residues. A high-pressure wash can eliminate the stains and make a positive impact on the appearance of concrete.

Walkways around the home are also prone to staining by pollutants and regular foot traffic. As an extension of the driveway, a freshly cleaned sidewalk will enhance the beauty of your home and yard.

Gutter System

A rain gutter is essential for ensuring the foundation of your building stays dry. A high-pressure wash can help break up leaves and other sediments, facilitating the removal of materials clogging the gutters and drain spouts.

Power washing might not be the answer for everything on and around your home exterior, but it is a viable cosmetic solution for bringing out the original color of wood, siding, and other construction materials. Additionally, It provides the extra benefit of enabling you to spot cracks, leaks, and other damage once the surface is clean.

If you are interested in fixing outdoor issues before they become expensive problems, this might be the perfect time to take a walk around your property and evaluate it for some preventive maintenance. By doing so, you may gain peace of mind as you protect your investment with timely repairs.

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