8 Ideas To Always Keep Your Wardrobe Organized

Are you looking for the best way to organize your wardrobe? Do you want to create a clean, stylish, and functional haven for your clothes and accessories?

We all know that a clean and tidy wardrobe is a must! We have got tons of all types of clothes but still, it feels like there is nothing to wear. The reason is an untidy wardrobe. No matter how many clothes and accessories you have, unorganized stuff will just make you struggle to find outfits in your wardrobe. Maintaining a well-organized wardrobe is surely an ongoing process. However, there are certain things that will help you ensure you never spend more than 20 minutes rearranging your clothes and accessories ever again.

clean and well-organized almirah is simply the best. It will not only streamline your morning routine but also all the extra space that makes it possible to expand your wardrobe. How you organize your wardrobe may be different from others depending on the available space, the size of your closet, and your lifestyle. If you want to make the most of your space, here are some steps that can help you have a polished and customized space that you can adore whenever you get ready. Let’s explore smart ways to create a personalized but repeatable system that will help you stay organized over time.

  1. Categorize Clothes – it is always better to categorize clothes well to keep your wardrobe well organized. You can segregate clothes into various categories depending on your lifestyle such as Indian casuals, trousers, jeans, ethnic wear, seasonal wear, office wear, home wear, workout clothes, etc. moreover, subcategorize them as much as you can. For example- trousers- you can further categorize them as formals and casuals. Such categorization will help you have a clear view of each section of your wardrobe, find the right clothes, and get perfectly dressed quickly. Depending on your clothes and accessories and wardrobe design, you can come up with your own way to categorize your clothes.
  1. Store everything in the right place – You need to specify a place for every item in your closet from your sweatshirts to belts, long-sleeve shirts, dresses, formals, ethnic wear, work pants, button-down shirts, shorts, jeans, shorts, and accessories. Some clothes need to be hung and some clothes such as knitwear or denim jeans need to be folded well. So always keep the clothes in their specified place. Also, while choosing clothes, do not rush and pull the clothes. This will deform your wardrobe organization. It takes a few seconds to take out clothes calmly and just a few seconds can save you from the huge mess of piles of clothes and organizing your closet again and again.
  2. Properly utilize your wardrobe – Determine the clothes that are used most often. The best way is to keep them handy and use the middle part of your wardrobe. Store lesser-worn items such as seasonal wear clothes towards the back and on the upper shelves of your wardrobe.
  3. Invest in storage units – it is always better to get the right equipment to store all your different needs in a well-organized way. You can store your folded items on shelves. Using baskets for folded items, hangers for t-shirts, tops, dresses, and suits, and boxes for undergarments and accessories can make you store everything well and find it right on time. Numerous storage options are available in the market at cheaper rates. You can buy such items depending on your needs and wardrobe size. You can roll, tuck and put all your t-shirts, payjamas, undergarments, socks, etc. in small storage boxes like honeycomb inserts. While choosing such items, maintain unity to give a clean look to your wardrobe. Matching hangers, boxes, and drawers will surely make your space neat and functional. Use hanging purse organizers to keep your purses super organized. Such organizers feature clear pockets making it easy to have a clear view of your bag’s collection. This eliminates the need to pull out everything and check. Also, it keeps your collection safe and dust-free.
  4. Use adjustable additions to your wardrobe – If your wardrobe design does not allow accommodating all your items well, think about adjustable, slide-on steel dividers. You can easily create compartments with such additions making it easy to segregate and store your items well.
  5. Learn how to file-fold – learning easy techniques to fold your clothes will help maintain your clothes and store them neatly as well.  Instead of stacking clothes on one another, you can fold them well and store them easily. Several types of clothes like pajamas, socks, t-shirts, etc. can be folded in small rolls and stored easily in drawers. This will eliminate huge piles stacked on shelves, giving a clear and clean look to your closet. Several video tutorials are available on various social media handles. Just learn folding techniques and it can be of great help to save space and keep your wardrobe well organized.
  6.  Declutter your wardrobe every week/ a fortnight– Depending on your lifestyle, work schedule, it is better to have a look at your wardrobe and declutter it weekly or monthly. Such a habit of frequent decluttering and clearing up things will help avoid a huge mess of clothes and long hours to clean them up. If you work more often on your wardrobe maintenance, it will take less time. Just go through your wardrobe and you will be able to get a quick makeover.
  7. Reorganize twice a year – Take out all your stuff, segregate all items into “keep”, “donate” and “toss” baskets and then reorganize all your stuff again every six months. This process will help you get a clear view of the unused items you have. You can clear out clothes according to category. This will surely help you have a freshly well-organized wardrobe. Also, if you are maintaining your wardrobe well using the above tips, it will take less time to reorganize the entire wardrobe.

To conclude, wardrobe organization is an ongoing process. Some changes in habits, organization staples, time investment, and learning folding techniques will surely help in maintaining your wardrobe well.

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