When should I replace my front door?

Front doors do not only provide entrance and exit to a building, but they also contribute to the house’s overall curb appeal and safety. Meanwhile, front doors may need to be replaced as times go on. There are several reasons you may need replacement doors in your home. Remember that front doors are exposed to the outdoor harsh weather conditions and may have worn out. Besides, you may want to improve the appearance of your entrance because front doors have undergone diverse improvements.

If you are asking when you should replace your front doors, read the tips below to guide you in making an informed decision:

1. Structural Damage

You will need replacement doors very soon if your front doors have structural damages that undermine their integrity. Gaps on your front doors, damaged knobs, non-functional lock mechanism, etc. indicate that you need replacement doors very soon. If light peeks through the frames of your doors, know that other elements and undesirable things may gain access to your house as well, such as drafts, insects, water, and rodents.

2. Noticeable Signs of Damage

Plan to replace your front door when you can see some signs of damage on it. Dents, rusting signs, peeling off paint, splitting of wooden components, cracked and warped wood, signs of rot from termite invasion and other wood-destroying insects, and squeaky hinges, all indicate that your front doors need to be replaced very soon.

3. Damaged Lock

You cannot afford to leave your front door without a functional locking system. So, if the lock on your front door is not locking properly, you can replace the lock immediately and plan to install replacement doors soon. If the lock on your front door is the traditional lock system, there are replacement doors with modern and advanced lock systems, such as push pads and those that can be operated remotely by a smartphone.

4. Difficult Operations

If your front door is hard to open or close, that allows you to upgrade to a better style and locking system. Your door may have undergone diverse stages of wear and tear that make it stick in the door jamb. It should not be stressful to open or close your front. But when you have a hard time operating your front door, plan to invest in replacement doors.

5. Increasing Energy Bills

If you notice that your energy bills have started to increase without any significant reasons in your home, your front door might be responsible. A drafty front door will allow air leaks in your home, and this will cause your HVAC system to work a lot harder to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. Check your front door and plan to upgrade it soon.


The above are some factors that tell you when you should replace your front door. Make a conscientious effort to find reputable windows and doors company when you need replacement doors for your home.

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