Tips for Renovating Your NYC Apartment on a Budget

Whether you’ve recently bought an apartment and want to redesign it to your tastes, or if you think your apartment is due for a change, renovating an apartment isn’t a cheap venture. If you want to completely remake your space, chances are you will have to break the bank to do so. However, not everyone has the spare funds to do this. Especially if you have just bought a new apartment in NYC, then you probably don’t have the money necessary for a full renovation. Fortunately, however, there are budget-friendly ways to renovate an apartment you can do. In order to help you out, we have put together a list of tips for renovating your NYC apartment on a budget, and we hope you find it helpful.

A fresh coat of paint

You’d be surprised just how far a fresh coat of paint goes when renovating your NYC apartment on a budget. In addition, any bigger renovations should always be accompanied with a new paintjob. This is because the current paint is likely to get damaged in the process. However, new paint also has the added benefit of giving your apartment a breath of fresh air, especially if you decide to change the color. Of course, neutral colors are typically considered the best choice, but this doesn’t have to always be the case. Sometimes, we need a change of pace, and a radical change in color could just be it. However, in addition, you should consider some straightforward home decorating tips to spruce up the space a bit more. This really is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to renovate an apartment, and it doesn’t take much at all.

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way towards giving your apartment a breath of fresh air.

person painting wall

Restoration and repair are cheaper than full renovation

When working with a limited budget, generally speaking, repairing something instead of replacing it is much better. Timber floor can be re-sanded and stained to look brand new, carpets can be cleaned professionally, furniture can also be sanded and stained and any broken fixtures are typically repairable. All of this can take a lot of time, but it is overall much cheaper than a full renovation of your apartment. This is especially important in a place like NYC, where renovation services are generally quite expensive. Additionally, while going through repairs and restorations, you might have to empty out some rooms in your apartment. The best choice in this scenario is to rent a storage unit short-term and store your furniture in there. When it comes to transporting your furniture to the storage unit, best leave transfer to the professionals. You don’t want to damage anything during the process, after all.

Re-skin your kitchen

If you want to do a kitchen makeover, a full renovation is generally incredibly expensive. Simply re-skinning your kitchen however is much cheaper, easier and quicker to do. This involves changing cabinet doors and bench tops at a minimum, which can end up making your kitchen look completely different. Depending on your budget, you can also consider replacing the sink and splash-back too. All in all, this can end up costing a total of $1000, depending on your choice of materials. If you have a bit more in your budget to use on the kitchen, then why not consider changing some of the furniture in there as well? New chairs, at least, will give your kitchen some new life as well. If you do end up doing this, then consider the reasons buying furniture online is superior before you buy anything, and possibly save some money.

Giving your kitchen a re-skin can make it look quite a bit better without breaking the back at all.

modern apartment kitchen

Makeover the bathroom

If your bathroom is structurally fine, there are cheap ways to make a big difference overall. Updating the shower with a frameless screen can give it a bit of style. Replacing the vanity and toilet is also generally cheap and makes a big difference. Updating the fan and light combo will give your space some new life without bankrupting you. Wall tiles can be painted for a new look or re-grouted, while window dressings and wall mirrors can be renewed and updated. All of this is much cheaper and faster to do than a full renovation of the bathroom. Experts from Best Movers NYC note that some people have to move their bathroom belongings into storage for weeks when renovating their bathroom, and if you don’t want to imagine what it’s like to be without a bathroom for weeks, we don’t blame you. So, settle for something smaller instead.

Update your light fixtures

Older buildings, especially in NYC, tend to have an outdated selection of lighting around their apartments. You’d be surprised just how big of a difference a new light fixture can make for your apartment overall, and it’s a very budget-friendly update since it’s, generally speaking, quite cheap. If your budget is really right though, consider changing the fixtures in one room at a time. Consider giving each room unique light fixtures as well to give them some more character. And while you’re at it, if your budget allows it, you can consider how to design a functional office-living room combo. This can be especially nice if you are someone who works from home, and it might be a very welcome change in your apartment. But, think about the lighting first, since both the living room and office need good lighting.

Changing up the light fixtures around your apartment can help quite a bit with giving it a brand-new feel.

four hanging pendant lamps

Tips for renovating your NYC apartment on a budget – wrap up

Renovating an apartment, in general, tends to get fairly expensive. Not to mention that most renovations take a lot of time and cause a huge mess while they’re ongoing, basically making the space unlivable. So, instead of a full renovation, you can consider some much cheaper (and quicker) ways to renovate your apartment. We hope you found this list of tips for renovating your NYC apartment on a budget helpful, and we wish you a good day.

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