Smart Home Technology – A boon or bane?

“Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except over technology.”

This quote by the famous American baseball player sums up the pros and cons of technology in one line.

The advancements in technology have benefited us in all possible manner, it has made our lives super comfortable, but it has also led to some unavoidable complexities. We started with smartphones, and now we have reached a point where we can have smart homes with the amazing technological advancements at our disposal. A smart home is a place where all electronic gadgets are connected to the internet and can be controlled via smartphones or computers. Seems fascinating, right? But everything comes at a cost.

In this article, we discuss the various pros and cons of nutikodu technology that will help you conclude whether to get it installed or not.


  1. Energy Efficient

When the environment is suffering so much because of human deeds, smart home technology comes with energy-saving solutions. In a smart home, you can control and manage the usage of electronic devices and save electricity.

  1. Security

It serves the purpose of keeping your home secure with motion sensors, cameras, and smart locks that can be accessed using your smartphone from anywhere.

  1. Convenient

There is no doubt that this technology makes your life easy and comfortable with integrated devices. You can change the temperature of your AC with a voice-controlled device.

  1. Smart Devices

You can easily monitor the status of your device if it requires any kind of servicing or maintenance. The devices are capable enough to notify you in case of a failure.

  1. High Quality of Life

The easy accessibility and convenience help in improving the overall quality of life. You can control all the devices and gadgets from your office or any place in the world. It adds comfort and ease to your living standards.


  1. High Installation Cost

Getting smart home technology for your space can get a lot harder on your pocket. The high-tech systems are never inexpensive, which makes them unaffordable for the common man.

  1. Dependency on Power and Internet

All electronic devices and gadgets run on electricity. And a smart home is smart only because of its internet connectivity. It can be a major failure in case of massive power and internet outage.

  1. Compatibility

It is a possibility that there might be some version differences between devices, which might cause a compatibility problem. This issue can generally be resolved only by technicians.

  1. Security Threat

While it is a great way to secure your home, there is a slight possibility of getting the system hacked. However, this can be prevented with strong passwords.

  1. Not Easy for some

For someone who is not tech-savvy, it might be a little difficult to understand smart home technologies. With the constant updates and new advancements in devices, it gets even more difficult for not-so-tech-savvy people to adapt to these changes.


After taking all the pros and cons, you can decide if smart home technology has been a boon or bane for us. You can check out Avaeksperdid to get a detailed insight on the smart home technology for your space.

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