Abstract Glass Figures are Unique handcraft Creation Perfect for Any Home Spaces

Venice represents one of the major European tourism hubs in terms of visitors per year, and there are clearly several reasons. Not only the city has a rich history behind is back, it is also narrated in many books as the most romantic city in the world and the city’s beauty certainly proves this point. Venice can satisfy the tastes and needs of any tourist offering a wide range of activities such as taking a typical “aperitivo” based on Spritz drink and “cicchetti” while admiring the city, taking a gondola and enjoying the beauty of Venice’s canals or just visiting the various art museums the city offers. You will also have the chance to visit the internationally admired Biennale di Venezia, an international art and architecture exhibition which you will not forget. During your trip you will also encounter numerous cultural events and if you’re lucky enough to come in February you will have the chance to experience the magic of Venice Carnival.

If you want to continue exploring the hidden gems of this city you can take a Vaporetto which will lead you to Murano, a series of islands in the North of Venice. It is surely a must-visit, nowhere in the world you would be able to admire the elegance and perfection of Murano’s glassware products. This kind of craftsmanship dates back to more than 700 years ago, when all the glassware artisans moved from Venice to Murano to localize their expertise entirely on that set of islands. Through centuries of experience, their technique of glass shaping became one of the most prestigious in the entire world and nowadays families of artisans still pass down this experience from generation to generation. Among the works of art you can find mirrors, goblets, sculptures, drinking glasses and jewels.

Murano’s glass sculptures are stunning and detailed, it is possible to shop for realistic sculptures or abstract ones, either one unique and outstanding. At YourMurano you can take a look at them with the comfort of being at your own home. Our selection of Abstract Glass Figures are the result of the hard work and technical skills of our artisans, producing sculptures which will potentially give a touch of sophistication, modernity and color to your favorite room. Our abstract sculptures take inspiration from the nature and the human life, blending many different colors into one stunning piece of art which will surely leave you surprised, imagine them in your house!

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